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The Bio-land project started in 1982. Our industrial area, with its 215.000 sq. feet building is located in Tres Rios, beneath the majestic Cerro de la Carpintera, whose immense natural forest is protected by the Costa Rican Government.


The birth of Bio-land was inspired by the admiration of our unique biosphere, and its particular beauty. This initiative has been oriented since its foundings, to behold a firm vision that there is still much to change in modern industry, starting from now.


Our clear and well founded project, proposes a series of changes which promote a positive advance in the population’s health and  our environment. In order to fulfill this, it was mandatory to create an ideological structure that would establish a clear and harmonic relationship between us and our consumers, to whom we have committed to bring the best quality products we can. This holistic concept of quality, is very different from those who would only fulfill certain conventional norms like hygiene, the homogeneous appearance of its products and the mere pleasing of the senses. The quality which we refer to is that which enriches the life and health of our customers, and the environment that surrounds them, for an immediate and long termed benefit.

In order to do this, we had to face the challenge of offering information in sometimes abandoned areas of the average education of the citizen.


At the beginning this entire endeavor was a big challenge, and even though it had very uncertain results the company started working with precise ideological bounds. These limits were and continue to be today more environmentally conscious and health-centered than those of conventional companies whose modus operandi exclusively matches equations of rentability.


Several strategies were designed to fulfill the multiple aspects needed for the organization’s development:


    Connect with all the possible producers of healthy and environmentally friendly raw materials.

    Establish a mechanism of supporting these producers, which offers guarantees and in many cases finance their harvest.

    The development of an educational center, in which the main principles are those of a healthier and a more natural way of life, along with responsible environmentally friendly consumption habits.

     Structure, in a preventive manner, well founded mechanisms that can face a gradual increase in the demand of better quality products, flawlessly through time.


This layout enables us, despite this rising process of supply and demand, to contribute in a positive transformation of the human and environmental field of our orb.  After years of labor, our original plans are in steady walking, and our motivation is even bigger, when we realize that we are indeed establishing changes.


Today Bio Land is conformed of innovative logistic processes and an intense program of investigation that researches the development of new commercial and industrial procedures. Our work is endorsed by suppliers who are fair to the environment, and committed to the current and future health of the population. Parallely our clients are recognizing our products as a priority option.

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